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Graduate Taxation Programs at Villanova University for Fall Semester Intake Still Available

The taxation program at Villanova University is possible thanks to the joint efforts of Charles Widger School of Law and the Villanova School of Business. They offer taxation programs that allow interdisciplinary collaboration and deep examination of taxation principles and policies. 

There a few variations of Taxation graduate degrees offered at Villanova University. Here they are:

  • Master of Laws in Taxation (LLM), 
  • Master of Taxation (MT), 
  • JD/LLM in Taxation 
  • Certificate Programs in specialized areas of taxation

This diversity of degrees focused on taxation aren’t the only things that make Villanova University’s taxation program so desirable. They have a faculty of renowned experts, on-campus and online study formats as well as an interesting and comprehensive elective courses.

If you want to find out more about their on-campus graduate program Professor Joy Sabino Mullane will be holding a webinar on July 24th. She is a member of the Graduate Tax Program Office at Villanova and is capable of answering all the relevant questions prospecting students might have. 

The deadline for applying for one of the graduate programs offered at Villanova University for the Fall semester of 2019 has been moved to August 9th which means that there is more than enough time to apply.

All questions should be directed to Villanova University official student support channels and for a more detailed overview of their courses you should visit their official website.

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