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Global Justice Clinic Available for LLM Students at NYU Law

LLM students will be pleased to hear that NYU Law will be organizing a Global Justice Clinic in 2019. The clinic will be taking in 2 or 3 LLM students and they will be receiving 7 points for their participation in this academic program.

The program is opened to LLM students exclusively and will be headed by Professors César Rodríguez Garavito and Ellie Happel as well as Sukti Dhital, the supervising attorney.

The pre-requisitions for the clinic include having a degree in International Law or some other equivalent degree, not necessarily from NYU Law and a degree in Human Rights is desirable but not obligatory. Having a second language, alongside English, is an added plus and this information should be included with the application.

Throughout the clinic students and professors will collaborate with NYU’s Center for Human Rights and Global Justice, the Bernstein Institute for Human Rights and other communities and organizations to achieve their goals. You can find out more details about the clinic in NYU Law official post.

The application window is open for LLM students May 28 - June 5, 2019 and students should note that there is a separate application for LLM students. Students should expect to be contacted for a final interview in June before they are accepted into the clinic.
If you find anything to be unclear or confusing the NYU Law officials direct student questions to Isha Rodriguez.

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