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Getting a Harvard JD Can Get You a Cambridge LLM Through Joint Program

Harvard Law School offers a joint JD/LLM program in association with the University of Cambridge. Having degrees from these two prestigious schools is a big step for any aspiring legal professional.

The program lasts 3.5 years in total and the 3L year is spent on campus at Cambridge at the end of which they receive the Cambridge LLM degree. Furthermore, the semester spent there also counts toward receiving a JD from Harvard Law School.

Don’t get confused, due to the joint nature of the program students attending Cambridge LLM program do not have to have a JD in order to be considered eligible - they are the only exception of this kind at Cambridge. 

The faculty at Cambridge is comprised of renowned experts and distinguished practitioners. Their approach to teaching law is quite a bit different than what students at Harvard experience. They are more research-oriented and due to this, they have established numerous research centers like Lauterpach Centre for International Law which along with helping with research also organizes lectures and other activities. 

The admission process for this joint program is conducted through HLS in January. Students who are in their 2L year and the final decision on the student selection is made Cambridge in early spring. The matriculation is set for fall, that year, at Cambridge. 

For further questions, you can contact either Director of International Legal Studies, at or 617-495-9030, or Andre Barbic, International Legal Studies Program Officer, at

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