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Take an LLM Degree Full-Time, Part-Time or Online at Touro College Law Center

Located in New York, the Touro College Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center offers US law graduates and foreign-trained lawyers LLM programs that will help them acquire enhanced legal knowledge from an ABA-accredited institution. Touro College was established in 1970 with the core purpose of providing higher education to the Jewish community. It has since then grown enormously and now serves a highly diverse student population.

The Law Center currently offers three LLM programs, as follows:

  • Master of Laws (LLM)
  • LLM in US Legal Studies
  • LLM in Aging and Longevity Law

The General LLM is offered to U.S. law graduates from ABA-accredited universities. It is designed to provide upper-level training and legal education with maximum flexibility. Students on this program are required to complete 24 credits, including a research paper. It can be taken full-time, in residence for 1 year or part-time for two years, with three intakes per year: January, May and August. Students may opt to attend evening or day classes. During the summer, classes may be taken on campus or through its program in Vietnam.

The LLM in U.S. Legal Studies is offered to foreign law school graduates who want advance knowledge in US laws and policy. Students are required to complete 27 credits. This may also be taken full-time or part-time, on-campus. There is only one intake for this LLM program: August of each year. Those who excel in this degree may be considered for transfer to the JD program, if they prefer. Graduates are qualified to take the New York bar.

The LLM in Aging and Longevity Law is an online program established by the Law Center in 2013.  It is offered to law graduates and practicing attorneys in the U.S. who want to serve America's aging population. It also has three intakes: January, May and August.

Applications to all three LLM programs are on-going and will be considered for the 2018 classes. Students may choose from any of the options available depending on their schedule and availability.



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