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Flag State Research Project Spearheaded by Bristol University LLM Students

The Law Clinic of the Human Rights Implementation Center at the University of Bristol is currently offering its law students, most of them LLM students, a unique research opportunity. The nature of the Human Rights Law Clinic is to attract students who want to acquire practical experience and put their talents in action (well beyond their classrooms) to advance human rights.

The Flag State Research Project was established as part of the second year collaboration of the Human Rights at Sea and the Human Rights Implementation Center. This Project will explore how 3 flag states carry out their duties aboard the vessels registered under their flag. The Project seeks to obtain information related to the monitoring, reporting and implementing mechanisms currently used by flag states, particularly those relevant to international human rights.

To conduct the project, a research team made up of 10 diverse members was formed, divided into sub-groups of three with one leader to manage the progress. Dr. Sofia Galani, a lecturer of the University of Bristol, supervises the team. The following are the members of the research team, mostly current LLM students of the University:

  • Anthony Morelli (Team Leader) - LLM in International Law and International Relations
  • Amelia Berot-Burns - LLM in International Law
  • Anthony Dillon - LLM in International Law
  • Adrià Ferrer-Monfort - LLM in International Law
  • Adam Hardcastle - LLB, 3rd year
  • Stavroula Kremmydiotou - LLM in International Law
  • Lucie Laffont - LLM in Human Rights Law
  • Paola Rosatelli - LLM in International Law and International Relations
  • Phoebe Spey - LLM in International Law
  • Charlotte Woodland - LLM in Law and Globalisation

While information about the practice of flag states as related to their human rights obligations is available to the public, there is still a need to fill some gaps and critically assess the accuracy of such information by looking beneath the surface of what is available. This Project will help build a complete picture of flag state practice. The University of Bristol research team expects to achieve this through this challenging but rewarding research endeavor.


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