Five LLM Scholarships Offered by the Open Society Foundations

Five LLM Scholarships Offered by the Open Society Foundations

The Open Society Foundations is offering five Palestinian Rule of Law Awards (PROL) to students admitted to a one-year LLM program for academic year 2018/19. PROL will be given only to law graduates and lawyers residing in the Gaza Strip or West Bank (including East Jerusalem) who will be accepted to an LLM program in selected American law schools and the Central European University in Budapest.

The scholarships are offered to encourage legal study and to support those who will endeavor to take it. However, given that only few days are left prior to the application deadline, interested candidates should immediately visit the webpage of Open Society Foundations to learn how to get a chance to participate in this opportunity of a lifetime. Completed applications will only be accepted until 16 February 2018.

The Open Society Foundations has been providing scholarships, award grants and fellowships to individuals and organizations sharing its values. To be eligible to the PROL, the Gaza Strip/West Bank resident applicant must meet the following:

  • Has a prior law degree;
  • English and Arabic proficient (both written and spoken);
  • Holder of a U.S. or Hungarian student visas;
  • Can demonstrate leadership potential and aptitude;
  • Can begin their LLM study in the U.S./Hungary starting Fall 2018;
  • Can acquire travel documentations showing departure and return to Gaza Strip/West Bank; and,
  • Will commit to return to Gaza Strip/West Bank after program completion to become leaders.

PROL will cover the following expenses for the LLM students chosen:

  • Full tuition fees and other required university fees;
  • Stipend for board, lodging and other living expenses provided monthly;
  • Travel expenses related to the LLM program;
  • Relevant insurance fees;
  • Funding for professional development and educational materials;
  • Costs related to applicable yearly student conference;
  • Support needed for an internship; and,
  • where applicable, costs for pre-university academic program to prepare the student for the LLM degree to be conducted prior to the Fall 2018 classes.

The Open Society Foundations does not discriminate based on color, age, religion, sex, disability, race or sexual orientation. Anybody eligible is encouraged to apply.