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Federal Clerkship Positions Opened for Recent American Law LLM Graduates

For over a decade now, US District Court of Massachusetts Judge William Young has chosen three LLM students graduates a year to serve as judicial clerks in the federal court system,. This position is highly sought after by any graduating law student, as it offers invaluable education to gain first-hand experience as part of the US federal judicial system. It is also a priceless opportunity to be able to contribute to dispute outcomes which are processed before the federal court.

Three deserving 2017 graduates of the LLM in American Law program has been chosen in September 2017 to start a yearlong clerkship for Judge Young. One of the three is Boston University Law graduate Mikolaj Burzec (LLM’17). An account of his experience so far included sitting at trials and learning how the court works. He is also conducting his own research and learning something new every day.

Judge Young holds high standards in choosing the clerks that will be placed under his helm. He considers genuine integrity, good at research and writing and are fun to work with. These criteria, and more, are necessary to ensure the chosen clerks are able to perform the work assigned to them, including helping judges with cases, presenting arguments, researching laws, and writing memos to judges for trial, among others. As Burzec aptly described it, the federal clerkship position has its demands and involves lot of work.

Judge Young gives emphasis to the importance of the program and the advantages it provides upcoming lawyers and recent law graduates. He also encourages foreign-trained lawyers to apply for this sough-after clerkship position.


(Image: Judge William Young with Mikolaj Burzec from BU Website)

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