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Exploring the LLM Educational Program at Durham University

As part of its five-year single-cycle LUISS Master of Laws program, the Durham University from the United Kingdom offers an exciting new LLM course on the international law. All students who are currently completing the fourth year of the program were invited to choose their LLM specializations.

Durham University ’s single-cycle Master of Laws program is internationally recognized as one of the most challenging and solid educational LLM programs. Every academic year, this prestige program accepts no more than ten students who have ve succeeded to meet the University’s requirements.

The LLM specializations offered by Durham University are:

  • International Trade and Commercial Law
  • Corporate Law
  • International Law and Governance
  • European Trade and Commercial Law

Needless to say, the students accepted for this program are typically the gold medalists of their respective classes. It takes unique motivation, ambition, and hunger for academic excellence to complete the single-cycle Master of Laws course in this highly competing educational environment.

In addition to tuition fees at LUISS, LLM students must pay another £10,000 for taking a Master of Laws specialization at Durham University. Living expenses are not included in this fee, and neither are the costs of meals and housing, though interested candidates can apply for campus accommodation.

Interested candidates who meet the requirements were invited to prepare relevant documentation and submit their applications from December 10th, 2018, to February 1st the following year. For more information on requirements and applications, please visit Durham University’s official webpage.  

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