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Enhance Your Cyber Law Knowledge with an LLM from La Trobe University

With the pace at which technology moves, there will always be new legislation and constant changes. Just like new models of laptops or mobile phones, after a little while, they are rendered old and need replacement. From the legal perspective, the best way to enhance one's legal and technological knowledge is by taking a Master of Laws degree with concentration in technologically related subjects, such as cyber security.

La Trobe University Law School located in Victoria Australia began offering in 2017 post-graduate degrees on cybersecurity including a Masters of Cybersecurity (Law) program. The course may be taken full time within 2 years or part time for up to 4 years. Classes starts in March or July of each year. The 2017 classes have commenced and new applicants will therefore be considered for the March 2018 classes.

La Trobe Law launched its post-graduate cybersecurity programs in recognition of the widespread threat caused by cybercrimes. The Masters in Cybersecurity (LLM) will prepare the student to combat illegal activities within the cyber sphere, which has become increasingly sophisticated. Graduates with this degree are assured of a career as the demand for cybersecurity professionals will rise to 6 million by 2019.

Besides the Masters in Cybersecurity, La Trobe also offers two other LLM programs for those whose interest is not digital technology. The following programs are also available:

  • Master of Laws
  • Master of Laws in Global Business Laws

These two programs may also be taken full time for 18 months or part time for 36 months. Unlike the Masters in Cybersecurity program, these LLM courses have three intake dates, i.e., January, June and December.

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