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Duke University Adds Two New LLMs to Their Programme

Duke University recently announced two new additions to their list of LLM programs. Up until now, students of Duke University could apply for a certificate in Environmental Law. This year the University added Bussiness Law LLM and Intellectual Property Law LLM.

The general requirements for all the LLMs are more or less the same. All students that want to apply for one of these three programmes are expected to meet the following eligibility criteria proposed by Duke University.

Students will need to have at least two years of experience relevant to the LLM they wish to apply for. They’ll also need to have a strong academic record from previous courses they’ve attended. Being that these are international LLM programs, foreign students will need to have strong English language skills so they can keep up with the programmes’ curriculum.

Every applicant for these three LLM courses will need to have acquired at least 24 credits in law while retaining a 2.5-grade average.

Students will be required to submit, along with their application for their desired LLMs, a statement of interest outlining why they have a particular interest in the LLM they’ve chosen and what their desired career path looks like.

Keep in mind that Duke Law LLM courses are in-demand and that these programmes have a cap on the number of students they accept each year.

Jennifer Maher, Associate Dean for International Studies, is the point of contact for all interested students and all related inquiries should be direct to her.

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