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Drexel University Calls Students to Check out Their Online LLM Open House

If Drexel University is one of the options you are considering for LLM studies you are in luck. Drexel is organizing an online open house where they will showcase their LLMs and answer questions from potential students.

If you find anything unclear about their LLM offer you might want to attend this event. The online open house is set to happen Thursday, June 06, 2019 from 7 till 8 p.m. EST and applications for the event are already open. You can use Drexel University’s official form to apply for the event today as the application period has already started.

Drexel University offers three different LLM programmes that students can take online along with other legal studies within their regular programme. These programmes are:

  • LLM in Cyber Law and Data Privacy
  • LLM in Health Care and Pharmaceutical Compliance
  • Master of Legal Studies

As you can see there is a general LLM programme and two highly specialized LLM programmes for students that know exactly what they want.

Drexel University produces top-notch legal professionals and their degrees are recognized as elite level all around the world. Their alumni grow to be respected professionals and the University is a great opportunity for networking.

If you have additional inquiries about anything related to getting an LLM degree at Drexel University you can contact their official students support at  1-877-215-0009 or via email

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