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DePaul University’s Releases Requirements for the International Law LLM Concentration

An official announcement has recently been released by DePaul University regarding their LLM concentration for International Law programme.

The basic requirement students need to meet in order to be granted the LLM degree in International Law is to complete 24 semester hours with a cumulative score averaging at 2.0 (GPA).

Students that complete their 24 semester hours but do not manage to score a 2.0 GPA average will not be allowed to continue taking classes in order to improve their score. If any student gets an average score below a 2.0 average, three consecutive semesters, they will be dismissed from the programme altogether.

The International Law LLM degree programme is very flexible as students are given the opportunity to attend cross-curricular courses and extensive coursework is provided to deepen their training in the field.

Students can also help choose if they want to complete the programme by attending it full time or on a part-time basis.

Those admitted into the programme should be aware that their JD scores do not count towards the completion of the LLM course with the added exception of students taking the joint JD/LLM programme. Also, no credit is assigned for any law courses students may have taken before they were admitted into the programme.

Officials would also like students to know that they need to complete the programme within a five year period.

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