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Deakin University Offers 10 LLM Scholarships Each for Domestic and International Students

The Deakin University Faculty of Business and Law is offering 10 LLM scholarships for international students and another 10 for domestic LLM students. This is open to eligible candidates who applied for the Law School's Masters of Laws (LLM) program. Deakin Law School's LLM program focuses on international commercial law and corporate regulation.

The LLM International Scholarships covers $10,000 of the tuition fee for the duration of the course, whether taken full-time or part-time. Applicants required to take a 5-week English course at the Deakin University English Language Institute (DUELI) will be offered a bursary for it. Ten students will be awarded with this scholarship in 2018. LLM applicants who meet the program's eligibility criteria will automatically be assessed for the scholarship. The closing date is set on 1 June 2018.

To be eligible to the LLM international scholarship, the applicant must hold an LLM or its equivalent and at least 4 years of full-time study at Deakin or other approved educational institutions. The candidate should also satisfy the LLM program's minimum requirements. Students with relevant two-year work experience may also be considered.  Criteria for acceptance include the following:

  • academic merit
  • quality of application
  • professional experience
  • interview performance

The LLM Domestic Scholarships will be offered to 10 deserving domestic students enrolled to the LLM program. Eligibility requirements are the same as the LLM international scholarship, i.e. essentially meets all the minimum requirements of the LLM program. Applicants to the program are also automatically considered for funding.

The LLM domestic scholarship is comprised of a tuition fee reduction of $6,000 for the duration of the course, whether taken full-time or part-time. This translates to $750 per credit point. As of this writing however, no open and closing dates have been set by the Law School for the LLM domestic scholarship.


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