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CUSB Student Awarded a Scholarship to Pursue an LLM at Penn State University

Sanya Darakhshan Kishwar, a BSc-LLB student in her final year at Central University of South Bihar located in Patna, India was awarded a "Best Law Student" scholarship that will allow her to pursue an LLM degree from the Pennsylvania State University. The scholarship is offered by the Society of Indian Law Firms to deserving law students such as Kishwar.

Kishwar was chosen to receive the scholarship based on her performance in the recently concluded Third ProfN. R. Madhava Menon SAARCLaw Mooting Competition held February 16 to 18 at the Lloyd Law College located in Greater Noida, India. The scholarship will provide Kishwar with full financial funding amounting to US$50,000 to enable her to complete an LLM degree at Penn State University Law School.

Of all the participants from various law schools, only two law students are awarded this prestigious scholarship. Besides Kishwar, Bhargavi Kannan of the School of Excellence in Legal Education (SOEL), received the same award and will also get the same funding to acquire an LLM at Penn State.

The participants in the Mooting Competition compete in teams of four. Awardees of the scholarships are those adjudged the best students among the top teams.

Besides the mooting competition, a lecture on higher education was also conducted. Prof. Qamar Ahsan, Vice Chancellor of Magadh University, delivered his lecture at the College of Commerce, Arts and Science entitled "Higher Education in Bihar is a Challenge." He stressed on the depressing scenario of the state's higher education, particularly its hardly visible infrastructure, the crumbling laboratories and the ill-equipped libraries.



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