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Conor Anthony Casey: A Student’s Perspective on the LL.M. Program

Conor Anthony Casey, an LL.M. student of the Class 2017 at Yale Law School, shared his perspective on the faculty’s LL.M. program, constitutional law and the friendly community at Yale. Here’s his story.

Casey graduated from Trinity College Dublin in 2015 and has an undergraduate degree in law. After realizing that a great number of Irish law graduates are increasingly continuing their law studies, either at other European colleges or in the United States, to specialize in various areas, Casey decided to follow their path.

Many professors that Casey greatly admires had studied in the United States and some even teach at Yale, so they further inspired and encouraged him to apply for the Yale Law School.

Casey was instantly fascinated by all the strengths of the faculty and was thrilled to be able to share his interests and ideas on constitutional law with the leaders in that field. He also mentioned the transition process, saying that he “couldn’t ask for a smoother process.”

He said that he has absolutely loved his time at Yale and that the graduate program’s “directors are absolutely phenomenal at their job.”

He also said that the program is like a family and that being part of the Yale community means truly making friends for life. In Casey’s words: “You hear that a lot. That’s a bit of a cliché, but here it really isn’t, and you really don’t appreciate that until you arrive. And you become part of the community.”

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