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Comparative, European and International Law LLM Program Open for Applications at EUI

European University Institute (EUI) is now accepting applications for their LLM program in Comparative, European and International Law.

This LLM program is predominantly focused on research and is therefore primarily focused on developing students’ research skills and preparing them for work on their dissertation. They also focus on recreating interdisciplinary and international legal environments so as to better prepare students for the situations that await them when they start practicing law. This institution is populated by world-class researchers - you’ll be working with some of the best.

With an amazing faculty of expertly trained and experienced legal professionals, students can rest assured that their time at EUI will be spent in productive learning.

This is a one-year course that you apply for through the use of an online application form - the form can be found on EUI’s official website.

The call for applications is set for November 1st, 2019. The deadline for applying for this LLM program is January 21st, 2020 at midnight (CET). Make sure you acquire and submit all the necessary documentation to avoid being disqualified from the program based on tardiness.

Students can subscribe to get notified when the call for applications starts on the EUI’s official website. There, they can also find a lot more information about the program’s curriculum, EUI’s academic staff and much more.

If you run into any confusing information or need further assistance you’ll need to contact EUI’s official student support channels.

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