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City International Week Celebration 2019 With Erasmus+ Teaching Mobility

The City Law School of London is celebrating their City International Week between February 18th and 22nd February.

As many as six experienced lecturers shared their experience with the Erasmus+ Teaching Mobility program. The program has a long history of enabling lecturers to become guest teachers at partner Universities through funding, contacts and more.

Dr Enrico Bonadio, an Erasmus+ Teaching Mobility veteran and Senior Law lecturer who visited four different universities to teach IP Law courses - the University of Toulouse in France, 2012, the University of Wroclaw in Poland, 2013, the University of Szeged in Hungary, 2015, Leuphana University in Germany, 2016.

Dr Mauro Barelli, Senior Lecturer in Law discussed the guest lecturing experience from 2016 when he visited the University of Iceland. He spoke about the pleasant experience he had teaching there and about the amazing sites he got to see while touring Iceland.

Professor Elaine Fahey was another lecturer talking about her experience with Erasmus+ Teaching Mobility program. She was a guest lecturer in 2010 when she visited the University of Iceland in Reykjavik and in 2017 when she taught at University of Ljubljana Law Faculty in Slovenia.

Professor of International Economic Law, Professor David Collins, Senior Lecturer in Law, Dr Luke McDonagh, Associate Professor, Katherine Reece-Thomas also gave their take on this program and gave their perspectives on how it changed them as lecturers. Professor Katharine Reece-Thomas also talking about the LLM she is in charge of and talked with students about joining the Erasmus program.

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