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Christina Rice is BU Law's New Director for Its LLM Tax Program

Boston University Law School (BU Law) has recently appointed Christina Rice as its LLM tax program director. Rice is a product of BU Law and has graduated from BU's LLM in Taxation in 2013 and JD degree in 2007. Prior to her appointment, she worked as a teaching assistant and a faculty member of the Graduate Tax Program courses of BU Law.

While studying for her JD qualification, Rice realized her interest in tax law after attending the classes of Professors David Walker and Fran Miller in Federal Income Tax and Trust & Estates, respectively. She immediately started her legal career with Foley Hoag LLP upon graduation.

In 2010, Rice returned to BU to take an LLM in Taxation. Her Tax Accounting professor, Phil Roshak, offered her a position with Ernst & Young just after accomplishing the first semester of her LLM first semester. Even while working, she continued with her LLM and finished in 2013. Rice worked for 6 years with Ernst & Young before she was appointed to her new position in BU Law.

Rice is a perfect model that should inspire and be emulated by law students whose interest is in tax law. Gaining a valued LLM in Taxation degree in BU Law almost assures the student a rewarding legal career. BU Law's Graduate Tax Program was one of America's first graduate tax programs when it was established in 1959.

The National Law Journal currently ranks the course as the 2nd best tax program in the U.S. The US News & World Report has ranked it 8th among law schools in the country for four straight years under the tax studies category. The recent yearly TaxTalent survey considered it one of America's top 7 LLM in Taxation programs.

There is no doubt that an LLM in Taxation degree at BU Law will lead to a bright future. It would therefore interest prospective students that BU Law's LLM in Taxation course for fall 2017 is still accepting application through LSAC prior to the start of classes as long as places remain available.



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