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Busy Legal Professionals Should Consider the LLM Flexible Study Course at QMUL

The Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) offers busy law graduates and legal professionals the chance to acquire an LLM degree without disrupting their careers. This is through the LLM Flexible Study program, an innovative and unique LLM program that students can tailor-make according to their needs and interests. Those who take the course will have the opportunity not only to choose when they take the LLM modules but also to choose their preferred area of study.

The LLM Flexible Study course is a part-time degree which can be completed from two to four years. QMUL offers a huge range of LLM programs from which the student can choose. QMUL has the most comprehensive list of LLM degrees with 20 specialism, making it the UK's largest provider of LLM programs.

Furthermore, the student may decide to pursue their LLM degree in London and take any of the required LLM modules under their specialization from a total of 200 LLM modules. They may also choose to take it during morning or evening classes. Besides London, QMUL students may also opt to pursue their LLM degree in Paris or Greece, where QMUL also offers LLM programs. More importantly, many of the LLM modules offered to students of the LLM Flexible Study can be taken online through QMUL's distance learning platform.

Those interested in applying for the LLM Flexible Study program starting September 2018 have until 4 September 2018 to submit their applications. It is important to allow adequate time to meet the English proficiency and visa requirements. If this cannot be met by the deadline, potential LLM candidates can start January 2019 (application deadline: 10 December 2018).




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