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Brooklyn Law School LLM Application Process Updated

Students should be aware that the LLM application process at Brooklyn Law School is on-going throughout the year.

Their LLM program accepts US students who have already acquired their JD or international students who have an accredited equivalent degree from a recognized college. 

The Brooklyn Law School alumni network has around 23,000 active members. This kind of international networking opportunity is a big career boost for a legal professional. The school offers a top-notch student experience. 

The LLM program revolves around three specializations:

  • Business Law 

  • Intellectual Property Law

  • Refugee and Immigration Law

Students should be aware that the requirements for entering this LLM program are not the same as the ones for the New York State Bar exam. 

The application procedure is pretty much standard LSAC and the fee to submit an application is $70. 

The following documentation needs to be gathered and submitted along with the application:

  • CV
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Personal statement
  • Official transcripts from all previous law schools
  • TOEFL or other official tests degree for Non-English natives

Students can find out more about the LLM program by attending one of the upcoming webinars:

  • The Master of Laws for Foreign-Trained Attorneys - September 23rd 
  • Applying for a Master of Laws Degree - November 6th
  • Become an Attorney in New York as a Foreign Lawyer - January 7th (2020)

For any additional information contact Brooklyn Law Schools official student support channels. Good luck!

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