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Boston University School of Law – Academic Requirements for LLM Programs

Another academic year is about to start at the Boston University School of Law, where students have already chosen the LLM programs they wish to earn their degrees in. To do so, students must satisfy certain demands, as required by this University’s official academic regulations.

One of the most popular choices for the class 2018-2019 is American Law, even though the list of requirements for this program seems somewhat intimidating.

To receive an LLM degree in American Law, students are expected to:

  • Complete all required courses with a minimum passing grade of C.
  • Receive not more than one grade of C-, D, or F in elective classes.
  • Obtain a final weighted cumulative average of at least C+ in all courses.
  • Complete at least 24 credit of hours over the course of the program, with no less than 10 and no more than 18 credit hours per semester.

In case that a student fails to meet all these requirements at the end of the year, the Boston University School of Law allows the candidate to petition the Director and make a specific proposal for completing the American Law program’s requirements.

The final decision is made by the Faculty, which can choose to drop the student from the program or to allow the candidate to return back the following year and complete their degree requirements.

If you are an American Law student yourself, we wish you all the success in satisfying the Boston University School of Law’s requirements.

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