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Boston University Releases the Curriculum Outline for their Two-Year LLM Program

The LLM programs offered at Boston University are very popular with international students. The two-year LLM program is especially suitable for LLM students that are coming from a non-native English environment.

Boston University provides international students with a very detailed and through English language improvement courses specifically designed to prepare them for the LLM courses that come afterward.

This preparation runs through the fall, spring and summer semester. Here are the classes and their worth in credits:

Fall Semester:

-Legal English I (6 credits)

-Academic Skills for US Law Studies I (3 credits)

-Introduction to US Legal Culture (3 credits)

Spring Semester:

-Legal English II (6 credits)

-Legal Writing (2 credits)

-Persuasive Legal Advocacy (2 credits)

-Academic Skills for U.S. Law Studies II (1 credit)

-Topics in American Law (2 credit)

Summer Semester:

- American Law, Intellectual Property Law, or Graduate Tax LLM: Legal English for LLM Students (No credits)

-Banking and Financial Law LLM: Financial Services Fundamentals

For a more detailed explanation of their curriculum for LLM students, you should refer to Boston University’s original post.

This program is a joint effort of BU Law and BU’s Center for English Language and Orientation Programs (CELOP) and is designed to create a more level ground for international students joining the BU student body.

For further information, you should contact student support through the official BU channels

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