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Boston University Offers New Online LLM Courses

The Boston University School of Law has a longstanding tradition of excellence. They have some of the best LLM programs around, like their LLM in International Business Law, and their alumni often go on to become quite successful.

However, the BU Law School has made an effort to modernize their offer and keep up with the fast-paced lives of modern students. They now offer an assortment of online LLM programs, most notably their online LLM degrees in Tax and International Business Law.

What is truly amazing about the programs is their flexibility. For example, the Graduate Tax Program can take a student a total of four part-time sessions to complete, in the best case scenario, but for those who can’t devote the time and effort to complete several intense consecutive sessions like these, there are other options.

The program can also be completed at a more leisurely pace, with sessions stretched out over the course of four years.  

The International Law program involves residency sessions that last for two weeks and combines them with online instructional sessions. The residency part can be done in either Boston or Budapest.

These are some great opportunities for busy law students.

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