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Boston Law School: Bianca Difini, an Accomplished LLM student, Won Her First Case

After years spent doing pro bono work for Brazilian immigrants who were trying to acquire legal status in the US, BC Law’s LLM student Bianca Difini finally won her first official case defending an asylum seeker. A final decision on her asylum claim will be issued in 6 months.

Difini comes from Brazil herself, where she started building her legal career as a judicial clerk. After six years of practicing law in her home country, she decided to come to fight for her countrymen’s rights where they are protected the least – in the United States.

Staying dedicated to the immigration law, Dafini was finally in a position to help her first client live the American Dream. Mr. A was seeking asylum from violence in his native country of Africa, but it wasn’t until Dafini that he was allowed to stay on US grounds.

BC Law Professor Kari Hong, who supervised Difini when she filed her first brief with the Board of Immigration Appeal, said that Bianca’s work on this case was “terrific” and that she proved to be a very effective advocate who’s capable of making a difference.

Difini’s success story imparts an encouraging lesson – no matter how many times we fail, determination always pays off in the end. This is especially important in the context of our current refugee crisis and immigration law, as Difini underlines, both in the US and globally.


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