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Birmingham Law Still Accepting Applications for LLM Degrees Starting September 2017

While many of the law schools in UK have closed their applications for this year's LLM courses, the University of Birmingham Law School is still accepting submissions of application and requirements for LLM classes that will start in September 2017. This is an opportunity for prospective students who do not want to lose time and wish to immediately pursue higher legal education from a prestigious university.

The University of Birmingham is one of the top 20 universities in UK. It currently accommodates more than 7,500 post-graduate students from approximately 150 countries. Birmingham Law School is one of the world's top 100 law schools and the UK's top 15. The institution boasts of a formidable faculty who are leaders in their respective fields.

Currently, Birmingham Law offers five LLM programmes which may be taken full-time for 1 year or part-time for two years. The following are the LLM specialized fields students can choose from:

  • General LLM
  • LLM in Criminal Law & Justice
  • LLM in Commercial Law
  • LLM in International Commercial Law
  • LLM in International Law: Crime, Justice & Human Rights

All of the LLM courses start in September. Since there are no deadlines set for the acceptance of applications, potential students can still submit their applications and requirements online and will be considered based on the availability of slots. The tuition rate per year is £7,290 for UK and EU students while it is £16,380 for international students.

International students who require a visa to study in Birmingham Law may no longer enroll for the 2017 LLM programmes. However, since applications for the 2018 LLM entry will re-open on 15 September 2017, they may apply ahead and send their eligibility requirements. Those intending to acquire funding and scholarships are advised to apply early for the 2018 LLM classes.

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