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Applications for Vermont Law's May 2018 LLM Classes is Now Open

Vermont University Law School has now opened its applications for its May 2018 LLM intake. Known for its commitment to the development of a new generation of leaders through the power of law, Vermont Law offers a wide range of LLM programs that may be taken full time, part time or online. This allows students greater flexibility and easier access to quality legal education.

Vermont Law currently offers the following LLM programs:

  • LLM in American Legal Studies
  • LLM in Energy Law
  • LLM in Food & Agricultural Law
  • LLM in Environmental Law

Students are assured of strong legal foundation particularly in environmental law as evidence by the ranking it recently received from the U.S. News & World Report. The organization gave the Law School the recognition of being the No. 1 law school for environmental law in the U.S. for 2018. Vermont Law got the No. 1 ranking 19 times in the last 27 years.

Each of the four LLM programs has a duration of 1 year if taken full time or 2 years part time. All except for the LLM in American Legal Studies may be acquired online for up to two years. Requirements for both the online and in-class LLM degrees are the same. Each one has two intakes, i.e., May and August of the year.

Applicants for the May 2018 LLM classes may start submitting their requirements and applications. Early decisions for acceptance are expected to come out by 15 November 2017. Those who intend to acquire scholarships and financial aid must complete their applications by 1 March 2016. Applicants may still be considered depending on space availability until 1 April 2018.

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