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Applications for McGill Law's LLM Programs Now Accepted for Fall 2018 Intake

Located in Montreal, Quebec, McGill University is one of Canada's premier universities. Its Faculty of Law is proud of doing law differently, thus making it one of the country's highest ranking law schools. Currently, McGill Law offers the following LLM degrees:

  • General LLM
  • LLM in Comparative Law
  • LLM in Environment
  • LLM in Bioethics
  • LLM in Air & Space Law

McGill Law's LLM programs provide students with a distinct and transsystemic approach to law. Students are not only provided with the  opportunity to partake in a cutting-edge legal research, establish research networks and gain a strong sense of collegiality and community but also afford them maximum flexibility. All programs may be taken full time or part time. Among others, a law degree is required to be eligible to the LLM degree, except for the LLM in Air and Space Law.

Graduate programs at McGill only have one intake, i.e., September of each year. As 2017 LLM courses have started, the next intake will be for September 2018. However, applications are already being accepted since September 15. The deadline for all LLM program applications is 15 December 2017, which will be strictly imposed. All supporting documents required to complete the application must be received by December 20.

It is encouraged that applications be submitted earlier than the deadline to allow for processing time, particularly for those who intend to get scholarships and grants, and those who will need a visa. It is not necessary to send documents besides what is required by McGill Law as it will not help in the application.



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