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Amy McLellan Appointed as New Director of GGUs LLM in Taxation and Estate Planning Program

New development at Golden Gate University. Amy McLellan, JD, LLM, has been appointed as new dean of the Braden School of Taxation. She has also taken on the position of director of the LLM Taxation and Estate Planning programs.

This is quite a significant move for the GGU as a whole as this dual role for Amy McLellan signifies a sort of merger between previously independent entities within the organization.

McLellan is an experienced lawyer and lecturer with an amazing track record which is very relevant to the positions she now occupies.

She spent nine years teaching courses related to taxation and administration at Massachusetts School of Law. After that, she headed her own law firm working on taxation, business law and estate planning. After many years of successful work, she took on a senior attorney position at the prestigious Knudsen, Burbridge, & Manchur, P.C.. She continued her career in the academic sphere by working as a professor at the University of Denver's Graduate Program in Taxation. While there, she also held the position of Director of Online Education.

Amy McLellan claims that she has a passion for online learning and aims to improve opportunities for students interested in taxation and estate planning.

Does this mean that we can expect more online LLM programs from GGU? We can only guess on this one but it seems that some changes are inbound to the university and they seem to be for the good.

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