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Álvaro García Martínez PhD Wins Laureate of the Arbitration Academy 2018

This year's prestigious arbitration prize goes to a PhD candidate.

The illustrious prize, Laureate of the Arbitration Academy 2018, has been awarded to Álvaro García Martínez, a PhD candidate from Edinburgh Law School.

Álavaro’s essay on the topic - “Is there a need to reform the New York Convention of 10 June 1958?” - was recognized by the committee at the annual Arbitration Academy 2018 and he was awarded with one of the most prestigious prizes in the LLM world.

As an internationally recognized and respected program and an initiative of the Comité français de l’arbitrage (CFA), The Arbitration Academy hosts events with renowned practitioners and scholars from across the globe. Every year, well-established professionals come to the Academy to deliver workshops and seminars on investment, commercial, and international arbitration. The topics are carefully chosen to attract young practitioners and students interested in international arbitration.

Here is what Álvaro said after winning the award:

"The support and encouragement of my supervisors, together with the financial help of Meyer-Fabre Avocats have allowed me to participate in the prestigious courses of the International Academy for Arbitration Law in Paris. It was a rich and rewarding experience, which undoubtedly will have a strong impact on the research I am conducting here at Edinburgh Law School.”

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