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Take an LLM at Bond University Without Leaving Home

In the past, distance learning or online education has been frowned upon by those with a more conservative approach to education. Such people would argue that students can miss out on the chance to interact with their instructors and colleagues in a more meaningful, face to face way. Some have even argued that distance courses involve less rigorous academic standards than on-site education.

Such arguments are a thing of the past, as developments in technology have paved the way for innovations that afford students the same challenging and engaging learning experience as the traditional on-campus learning. In fact, some find online learning even more advantageous given that some of the online courses are more superior to their traditional counterparts and students are not limited to engage with their colleagues in one location but be included in a global cohort.

This is what Bond University Faculty of Law offers its LLM students specializing in International Commercial Law and Dispute Resolution. The LLM program can be obtained entirely online.  This online LLM program is offered by Bond University in partnership with the Swiss International Law School (SiLS). It is ideal for law graduates and practitioners coming from a wide range of legal and cultural backgrounds who want to further their careers in government organizations, multinational enterprises and international law firms.

Bond University's online LLM program specializing in International Commercial Law and Dispute Resolution is comprised of four 20 credit point subjects delivered in three full semesters annually, thus allowing the student to complete the online LLM program in less than one and a half years. Each online LLM class accommodates only about 20 students and is delivered by experts and scholars based in various countries eg the US, the UK, Canada, Germany and Switzerland.

The Faculty of Law embraces state-of-the-art online techniques, which bridge the distance between the instructors, students, resources and peers. Students of the LLM program can watch, for instance, a French scholar's video presentation, discuss the contents of the video through e-mail to another student located in Africa, collaborate with other students in Australia and Germany, compare EU and UK laws with other classmates in various countries, and get counsel from a London-based instructor. And this is possible from the comfort of your own home.








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