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A 10-Step Guide to LLM: Getting Ready for Another Chapter

You’ve secured a seat in an LLM program for the upcoming academic year. Now what? Do you sit idly and wait for fall, or do you start preparing? Traditionally, LLM programs are intensive and last for one year, which means that you probably won’t have much time for anything else once the classes begin.

To help you get ready ahead of the storm, we’ve compiled your first LLM checklist:

  • Don't forget to send your entrance deposit.
  • If you’re still a student, keep your grades up.
  • If you’re working, part with your employee.
  • Reassess your first law school performance.
  • Get your immigration documents in order.
  • Manage your student health insurance.
  • Arrange quiet, comfortable accommodations.
  • Earn some extra money during the summer.
  • Make a list of things you’ll be taking with you.
  • Prepare yourself mentally and emotionally.

Having your tuition paid, your budget managed, and your documents prepared is crucial for your peace of mind, which is actually the most important item on of this list. In case you’re starting to panic, let us remind you that you still have a couple of months left. Give yourself some time to adjust.

However, it may also help you to arrive on the campus a week earlier.

That way, you can move into your apartment with no rush, feel the pulse of your new school, and get organized before classes begin. Getting a place on an LLM program is achievement enough itself, so let that notion refresh your self-esteem in time for another academic year. Good luck and have fun!

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