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Fribourg Proposes an LLM in Commodity Trading Law

14 Feb 19

The city of Fribourg in Switzerland is special for at least two reasons – it’s one of the world’s leading trading hubs and it boasts a vibrant student life. Taken together, these two unique qualities make it a perfect place…

Four New Promotions at Kaden Boriss

13 Feb 19

After four years of hiatus following the tragic death of senior partner Ali Naqvi, Gurgaon-based law firm Kaden Boriss Legal restarted litigation in 2017. With managing partner Hemant Batra at the helm, the firm also opened a small separate office…

Irish Disability Advisory Committee Gets Three New Members

13 Feb 19

Kieran Murphy, Eliona Gjecaj, and Adrian Caroll are three new members of the Disability Advisory Committee in Ireland. The Committee, which now boasts a team of eleven, is the first-ever statutory advisory body to monitor the rights of Ireland’s disabled…

New Litigation Management LLM at Baylor Law

08 Feb 19

Imagine if a Fortune 500 company called you with an intention to sue another Fortune 500 company and a plan to entrust you with a case that will win (or lose) millions of dollars. What would you do then, asks…

UVA Law Students Visit Israel Thanks to iTrak

08 Feb 19

A group of 44 UVA Law students (and one UVA Batten School of Policy student) spent a week touring Israel with iTrek education tour guides. The goal of the trip was to provide future lawyers with a unique opportunity to…

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