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Human Rights Activist Lawayer Girish Patel Has Passed Away

12 Oct 18

A renowned human rights lawyer and activist, Girishbhai Patel, or Girish Patel, has passed away on October 6th, 2018 in Ahmedabad, after a short fight with illness. Patel completed his LLB in 1958 and became a law professor in Ahmedabad,…

Two New Air and Space Law Specialists at Ole Miss

09 Oct 18

The University of Mississippi School of Law is the only research and education institution in the world that prepares postgraduate students for a career in air and space law. The curriculum includes all U.S. practices, as well as international and…

UCL Law Gives New Scholarships for LLM Students

08 Oct 18

In the spirit of fairness and social equality, the UCL Faculty of Laws has just announced the launch of at least ten new scholarships for deserving graduates in pursuit of LLM degrees. All scholarships will apply for the academic year…

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