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Yale University

Founded in 1701, Yale University is a private university located in New Haven, Connecticut, and is one of the schools which makes up the prestigious Ivy League.

Yale is consistently one of the most highly regarded schools in the United States; its graduates have included several U.S. presidents.

Yale University comprises three major academic components: Yale College (the undergraduate program), the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, and the professional schools. In addition, Yale encompasses a wide array of centers and programs, libraries, museums, and administrative support offices. Approximately 11,250 students attend Yale.

The law school

With a rich history, a vibrant academic community, and an accomplished student body, Yale Law School is an exceptional environment in which to learn about the
law. Its faculty-student ratio is impressive with an average class size of under 20 students.

Supplementing the vast array of courses offered are opportunities for independent research and writing as well as student organized seminars and reading groups.
The Law School faculty includes prominent scholars of economics, history, and philosophy, as well as leading specialists in many areas of law. More than 60 full-time professors are joined each year by visiting lecturers,
adjunct professors from other parts of the University, and practicing lawyers who teach in the clinical program. In addition, dozens of guest lecturers from many fields of endeavor contribute to Yale Law School’s vigorous intellectual community. Many LL.M. students work closely with faculty members on independent writing projects.

Tuition fees

Tuition is approximately $50,000 for the year, including mandatory fees for health coverage, athletic facilities, and other charges. The University estimates that a single student needs a total of approximately $70,000 in order to meet education and living expenses for the
academic year.

Financial aid is available and awarded based on need.

Entry Requirements

Applicants for the LL.M. program must have completed their law degree at an accredited U.S. law school or a non-U.S. law school with substantially equivalent standards, and must have a strong record of academic accomplishment. Students are encouraged to complete
pre-professional requirements for bar admission in their home country before entering the LL.M. program. Some experience following completion of the first professional degree is encouraged.

Admission is ordinarily not available to students who have obtained or are pursuing an LL.M. or an equivalent degree from another law school in the United States.

Admission is available only to individuals planning careers in law teaching and scholarship.

The Program

The Master of Laws (LL.M.) program at Yale Law School is a one-year course of study intended for students committed to careers in law teaching and scholarship. The completely elective program has no formal specializations, but students are encouraged to create a course of study that reflects their particular background and interests. Advisers are available to assist in designing individual academic programs and
exploring course options.

Graduate students are admitted for one academic year of study in residence, leading to the degree of Master of Laws. To qualify for the LL.M. degree a candidate must
successfully complete at least 24 units of credit with a grade average of “Pass” (on a scale of Honors, Pass, Low Pass, Fail) for all work taken for credit. Up to 6 units (or 8 units if the candidate takes a first-term
ungraded course) may, with the consent of the instructor, be taken Credit/Fail. An LL.M. candidate’s program of study consists of at least 18 units of regular course offerings and up to 6 units of independent research and writing for credit under the supervision
of a Law School faculty member.

Admission to Yale Law School’s LL.M. program is highly selective, with an acceptance rate of approximately seven percent.

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