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Washington University in Saint Louis

Washington University in Saint Louis (commonly referred to simply as "Wash U") is a highly-regarded US university with students from all over the United States and more than 120 nations. The university is located in Saint Louis, which is consistently ranked among the most affordable and best places to live and raise families in the United States.

The St. Louis region is one of the Midwest United States' key cultural destinations, boasting an abundance of museums, music and theatre venues, sporting events, and shopping and fine dining districts

Wash U is highly regarded for its commitment to excellence in learning. Its programs, administration, facilities, resources and activities combine to further its mission of teaching, research and service to society. The university has played an integral role in the history and continuing growth of St. Louis and benefits in turn from the wide array of social, cultural and recreational opportunities offered by the metropolitan area to its nearly 3 million residents.

The university encompasses more than 2,300 acres and more than 150 major buildings on the Danforth and Medical campuses, the West Campus and the South Campus in Clayton, North Campus in the city of St. Louis, 560 Music Center and Lewis Center in University City and the 2,000-acre Tyson Research Center 20 miles southwest of the city.

The law school

Numerous students come from throughout the United States and around the world to either pursue or continue their legal studies at Washington University School of Law. Each year, Washington University has over 750 students enrolled in its J.D., post-J.D., and joint degree programs.

The School of Law provides many different services to support students in their academic and professional endeavors. Coordinating these services is the responsibility of the Dean of Students Office, which serves as a liaison for students on academic, personal and administrative issues. The Office provides advising, referrals, ADA accommodations, handles student disciplinary matters, and facilitates communications between students and the faculty and administration. It also works with student organizations and assists with Orientation.

The Information Resources Department furnishes students with audio-visual, computing and library services. The Associate Dean of Admissions and Student Services and the Registrar help students become part of the School of Law community, working with upperclass students and the Admissions Office on the yearly orientation program for new students, counseling students on course registration and the examination process, and creating "advising teams" for first-year students as well as mentoring programs with alums and other attorneys. The Career Services Office assists students in all phases of their job search, including resume preparation and interviewing techniques.

Students may select from a wide range of activities to complement their academic pursuits. The Moot Court, Mock Trial, and Negotiation competitions promote the development of valuable legal practice skills. In addition, Washington University School of Law has more than twenty student-run organizations in which students may participate, including the Women's Law Caucus, the Student Bar Association, the Black Law Students Association, and the Federalist Society.

Tuition fees

Entry Requirements

Students are required to have the basic law degree from their home country,
and applicants with two or more years of work experience
are preferred.

• Students must possess the requisite English levels by scoring well on various English-based exams.

• Students must submit two letters of recommendation on letterhead stationery, a résumé, and a personal statement.

• Students must submit transcripts and the LLM
application form.

• Students must have sufficient financial support for the program as evidenced by a letter of credit from a bank or lending institution.

The Program

LLM degrees are awarded to those students who successfully earn 20 hours of academic credit by completing two semesters of study at the law school. Students are expected to complete the program during one academic year.

All international LLM students are required to take a two-semester course. Introduction to U.S. Law & Legal Methods is specially designed to provide international students a broad overview of the United States and its legal system with a focus on legal research and writing.

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