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Victoria University of Wellington

Victoria University of Wellington was established in 1897 and was a former college of the University of New Zealand. The university is particularly well-renowned for its legal programs, as well as its programs in the humanities and other scientific disciplines. In addition to these programs, the university offers a broad range of other courses.

With over 20,000 total students,Victoria is a university of considerable size. Its main campus is in Kelburn, a suburb overlooking the Wellington central business district, where its administration and humanities & social science and science faculties are based. The law and commerce and administration faculties are situated on the Pipitea Campus.

The law school

The Victoria University of Wellington, Faculty of Law (also known as the Law School) is located on the Pipitea campus at Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand. The law school is located in the historic Government Buildings, in the heart of Wellington’s legal and political district.

The faculty of law offers both undergraduate LLB degrees (including Honours) and the postgraduate Certificate in Law (CertLaw), Diploma in Law (DipLaw) and Masters in Law (LLM) as well as the Doctor in Philosophy of Law (PhD).

There are approximately 2000 students enrolled in the Faculty of Law at Victoria University.

Tuition fees

Entry Requirements

Entry to the LLM programme normally requires a law degree with at least a B average. Each application is considered individually and recognition can be given to other extensive practical, professional or scholarly experience of an appropriate kind, such as:

- Other degrees or qualifications;
- Research and writing (for example, published or unpublished articles);
- Special training and/or expertise in a particular area;
- Appropriate work or other experience.

The Program

The Master of Laws (LLM) is a one-year full-time, or up to three-year part-time, programme totalling 120 points. The LLM may be completed by coursework, dissertation and coursework, or by thesis, but in each case original student research is an essential element.

Each LLM is considered individually to ensure it makes up a coherent programme of study. Applications for the LLM by coursework or by dissertation and coursework are due by 10 December for 1st trimester and 5 July for 2nd trimester. Enrolments beginning in the first trimester of a year are preferred – if you enrol at the beginning of the second trimester, there is a limited number of courses available to choose from.

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