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University of Oregon

Founded in 1876, the University of Oregon is the leading institution in Oregon, a state located in the northwest United States. Located in Eugene, a lively college town, the university offers academic excellence and proactive learning opportunities in a hospitable atmosphere. Magnificent trees shade the 295-acre campus, where students, faculty members, and employees from a wide range of backgrounds share a promise to preserving the environment and pursuing innovation in more than 260 academic programs that range from Eugene to Portland and from the coast to the mountains.

The University of Oregon is a world-class teaching and research university with nearly 300 comprehensive academic programs and 33 research centers and institutes, offering both breadth and depth in the liberal arts and sciences as well as professional programs. Every year, nearly two-thousand students from more than eighty countries study at the university. Meanwhile, one in four graduates studies abroad while a UO student. The UO offers many degree programs with a global emphasis, including languages, international studies, literature, and many more.

The law school

The University of Oregon Law School offers a thorough legal education with a core curriculum that balances basic intellectual and analytic skills for the practice of law. The university is known for its ability to convey knowledge of the persistent values of law and the legal system and provide opportunities for students to develop hands-on legal skills.

Oregon Law offers a rigorous and comprehensive legal education with a curriculum that provides the fundamental intellectual and analytic skills for the practice of law, an introduction to advanced and frontier areas of law, knowledge of the persistent values of law and the legal system, and opportunities to develop hands-on legal skills. Special centers and programs provide additional resources for students and link the law school to the community at large in areas that include Business; Environmental and Natural Resources Law; Ocean and Coastal Law; Family, Child and Elder Law; Appropriate Dispute Resolution; Law and Entrepreneurship; and Public Service. The Wayne Morse Center for Law and Politics is a university-wide center housed in the Law School that brings world-renowned scholars and activists to Oregon each year for interdisciplinary research, publication, teaching and public discussion of critical topics in the fields of law and politics.

Tuition fees

Total tuition and fees for the LLM program for non-residents amounts to over $30,000, with in-state tuition somewhat lower.

LLM students should anticipate spending about $10,000 for living expenses, $1,000 for books, and $1,000-$2,500 for personal expenses during 9 months. Any travel costs are additional. Health insurance is also mandatory for international students.

Entry Requirements

Candidates must have a J.D. from an accredited U.S. law school, or a law degree from a non-U.S. program of legal education.

The Program

LLM in Environmental and Natural Resources Law

The University of Oregon offers an elite group of students the opportunity to earn an LLM in Environmental and Natural Resources Law. The University of Oregon is the only top U.S. research university to offer an LLM in Environmental and Natural Resources Law.

The Oregon LL.M. combines:
• a small class size,
• personal attention by faculty members with a strong experience and reputation in both academia and in the practicing bar,
• education at a major research university (member of the elite A.A.U.),
• the highest reputation for both its environmental law program and its overall law school.

The LLM program requires two semesters of study and 24 credits. In addition to the LLM seminar, students normally choose 7 or 8 other semester-long courses, from a list of more than 30 courses in the field. At least 5 of the courses are selected from the law school's Environmental and Natural Resources Law (ENR) offerings.

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