Trinity College

Trinity College Dublin was founded by charter granted by Queen Elizabeth. A small group of Dublin citizens obtained the charter in 1592 and two years later, the College began its operations with only a handful of Fellows and students. During the next 50 years the College community increased and by the eighteenth century the College was so well respected by Parliament that it was able to secure generous building grants and entered into a period of great expansion. During this century the Library, Printing House and Dining Hall were erected. Parliament Square slowly emerged and Botany Bay was completed. The College has continued to expand during two civil wars and periods of national political instability. It presently has more than 13,500 students enrolled and strives to ensure that at least 10% of its annual admissions are international students. The College is currently aiming to increase its student base by 15% by 2014. The College has 400 years of tradition and teaching experiences and remains committed to individual and creative learning and to fostering the talents of each individual student. In its dedication to keep up with modern developments, the College is also committed to implementing new technologies for training and research purposes.