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University of Miami

Located in beautiful, tropical, multi-cultural southern Florida, the gateway between the U.S., Latin America, Europe and Asia, University of Miami was established in 1925 during the region’s real estate boom. UM is a major research university, conducting more than $326 million worth of research and sponsored program expenditures a year.

There are more than 15,000 students from around the world enrolled at this vibrant and diverse academic community focused on teaching and learning and the discovery of new knowledge.
Currently, the University offers more than 180 majors and programs taught at 12 schools and colleges serving undergraduate and graduate students.

UM's motto is "Live to learn, learn to live", and much of the university experience is found outside of the classroom. The campus has a variety of arts and cultural offerings, including an art museum, a theater and concert halls. There are also 200 student organizations and an active Greek community(sororities and fraternities).

The law school

The University has the advantage of being located in the South Florida area, a location that enhances the international perspective for students at the School of Law. The location of the Law School offers exceptional career-building opportunities in courts, corporations and clinics. Miami hosts the international and corporate headquarters for many multinational corporations—including Disney, Sony, and FedEx—and is home to nearly 1,400 corporations. It is the only law school in the nation located in a region that affords this exceptional mix of diverse perspectives and opportunities.

Law students can combine their JD degrees with master's in business administration, public health, or marine affairs. It is also possible to follow a joint JD/LLM program which takes seven semesters.

Miami Law offers extensive public interest programs and clinics. Students have the chance to be involved in more than 25 projects each year which reach various underserved and at-risk populations in the U.S and abroad.

Tuition fees

Tuition (12 - 17** credit hours): $18,709.00
Tuition (per credit, applies to 1 - 11 credits or excess of 16)
Activity Fee $57.00
Athletic Fee (optional) $59.00
Student Health Center Fee$100.00
Wellness Center Fee $146.00

Entry Requirements

The International Law LLM programs are open to lawyers who have a JD degree or an equivalent from a foreign institution.

The Estate Planning LLM program requires applicants to have a JD or LLB degree from an ABA accredited law school and have completed the equivalent of a JD trusts and estates course.

The Tax Law program also requires that applicants have completed a law school course in federal income tax with a grade of B or better. Applicants whose first law degree was not taught in English must take TOEFL.

The Program

Miami Law has 5 different LLM programs.

The International Law LLM program prepares students to handle problems in today's international legal order. It offers 4 specializations: Transnational Law for Foreign Lawyers, International Arbitration, Inter-American Law, and International Law.

Miami also offers LLM's inTax Law, Real Property Development, Estate Planning (the only one of its kind in the U.S.), and Ocean and Coastal Law.

All of the LLM programs, are enriched by a career-building array of clinics, projects, public interest programs, and other professional training opportunities. The Career Development Office offers a wealth of services designed to help students achieve their highest professional potential. The programs are specifically designed for those seeking to deepen their knowledge or specialize in a particular area as well as those seeking to re-enter the profession.

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