Lewis & Clark College

Lewis & Clark began its history as a collaboration between the Presbytery in Oregon and the town of Albany. The school then established was officially known as the Albany Collegiate Institute and had a curriculum that focused mainly on classical and traditional learning. In 1905 the name was changed to Albany College, and in 1942, after the acquisition of a substantial piece of land, the trustees renamed the College to the Lewis & Clark College. The Synod and Lewis & Clark severed their formal relationship in 1994 so that today, Lewis & Clark is an independent establishment overseen by a Board of Trustees. The College is currently located in beautiful natural surroundings and in keeping with the beauty of this area, the College has several green buildings in which original research in the classical arts meets cutting edge and pioneering ways of thinking. The College of Arts and Sciences has launched several initiatives including overseas and off-campus study programs and also provides international and interdisciplinary programs. Lewis & Clark also runs several sustainability initiatives to address issues of sustainability and social responsibility. A list of all Campus Sustainability Initiatives is available on the school’s website.