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Emory University

Emory University, recognized internationally for its outstanding liberal arts college, superb professional schools and one of the Southeast's leading health care systems, is located on a beautiful, leafy campus in Atlanta, Georgia's historic Druid Hills suburb.

Emory students, faculty and staff have access to all the resources of one of the nation's fastest-growing metropolitan areas. Emory University is an active citizen in Atlanta, which naturally develops connections and opportunities for Emory community members to explore.

Emory’s location in Atlanta gives its students possibilities for unique clinics and field placements in state and federal agencies and courts, a vast array of public interest organizations and headquarters of large corporations that are just down the street from Emory. Studying in Atlanta also opens doors to a hospitable legal world, with hundreds of networking events, conferences, seminars and other opportunities for Emory Law students to attend.

Georgia is home to a dozen Fortune 500 headquarters, including The Coca-Cola Company, Home Depot, UPS, CNN and Delta. Emory maintains active partnerships with many of Atlanta's preeminent institutions, such as The Carter Center and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Emory students pursue internship and research opportunities both on and off campus in the Atlanta area. Part of the attraction for businesses and organizations is a technology infrastructure that led Forbes magazine to rate Atlanta No. 2 in its 2009 list of the nation's most wired cities.

Geographically, Emory is one of the southernmost top 20 universities. Atlanta offers four distinct seasons, with temperate weather most of the school year. Head a few hours north to hike the Appalachian Trail, raft whitewater rivers and ski in the Great Smoky and Blue Ridge mountain ranges. To the east and south, the beaches of South Carolina, Georgia and Florida are a half-day's road trip away. The busy Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport provides ready global access. Dozens of countries maintain consular, trade or chamber of commerce offices in Atlanta.

The law school

Emory University School of Law ("Emory Law") is a top-tier law school in the United States. The school is consistently ranked among the top law schools in various rankings and publications.

Emory Law is located in Gambrell Hall and the adjacent Hugh F. MacMillan Law Library, part of Emory University’s 630-acre campus in the Druid Hills neighborhood, six miles (10 km) northeast of downtown Atlanta. The law school is across the street from the Goizueta Business School, and a short walk to public transportation, local restaurants and other facilities at Emory University.

Admission to the law school is extremely selective. Emory Law is known for its commitment to diversity; the University successfully fought to integrate private schools in Georgia two years before the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Emory Law also was a founding member of the Counsel on Legal Education Opportunity. Nearly half of Emory Law students are women, and about a third are from underrepresented ethnic groups. Emory also attracts students from around the U.S. and the world, with approximately 60 percent of students coming from outside the Southeastern U.S.

The School of Law offers a three-year, full-time program leading to a Juris Doctor degree as well as various joint degrees with other graduate and professional schools at Emory, a Master of Laws program that offers concentrated study in a variety of areas, and a Doctor of Juridical Science. Emory Law is particularly known for its expertise in Bankruptcy Law, Child and Family Law, Feminist Legal Theory, Intellectual Property Law, International and Comparative Law, Transactional Law, and Law and Religion.

Tuition fees

Below are the estimated costs for JD and LLM students attending Emory Law for the 2011-2012 academic year.

Fixed Costs

Tuition: $44,600
Fees: $498
Total: $45,098

Estimated Expenses (Costs may vary based on your choices)

Living Expenses: $18,602
Books: $2,000
Health Insurance: $2,360
Parking: $660
Loan Fees: $676
Total $24,298

Estimated costs for one year: $69,396*

(Emory offers a number of fellowships and scholarships to those who qualify)

Entry Requirements

U.S. students are required to have successfully completed the JD degree from an accredited U.S. law school. Foreign applicants must have graduated with a high rank from a foreign law school or have been part of a law faculty with standards substantially similar to those of an accredited law school in the United States.

Additional information is available online:

The Program

Emory Law’s LLM program offers graduates of U.S. and foreign law schools the opportunity to pursue the master of laws from one of the top nationally ranked law schools in the United States.

LLM students may choose from among three broad tracks: a traditional LLM designed around a student’s particular interests and expertise and drawing from the breadth of Emory’s curriculum in health law, intellectual property, international law, and other areas; an LLM in one of six formal concentrations developed by the Emory Law faculty; or a joint LLM program with Central European University in Budapest, Hungary.

LLM Program Options

• LLM (in an area of specialization defined by the student and built on relevant courses and faculty expertise, including in health law, intellectual property, international law, tax law and others)

• LLM Concentrations
- Transactional law
- Public law and regulation
- Human rights law
- Child law and policy
- Vulnerability and the human condition
- Law and religion

• Joint LLM with Central European University (with focus on international commercial law and international politics)

• As part of the general LLM program, students are required to spend two semesters in residency at Emory Law and successfully complete 24 credit hours of course work. Students have the flexibility to select coursework in any area. The faculty will assist each LLM candidate in crafting a program to meet the student’s academic needs.

For the joint LLM with Central European University, students enter Emory Law’s LLM program and participate in a cooperative program with the legal department of Central European University in Budapest, Hungary. Students spend the fall semester in residence at Central European University and the spring semester in residence at Emory. A minimum of 24 credit hours of satisfactory academic work is required. Emphasis is on international commercial law, and the student may elect to receive the degree from either institution.

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