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China-EU School of Law

The China-EU School of Law is affiliated with the China University of Political Science and Law ("CUPL"), a university located in Beijing.The university was initially founded in 1952 under the name Peking College of Political Science and Law.

CUPL has two campuses: its original campus located in Haidian, and another located in Changping, Beijing. The Haidian campus currently houses only graduate students,while undergraduates generally study at the much larger Changping campus in the outer suburbs of Beijing.

Currently, CUPL is made up of 12 different schools, with over 20,000 students and nearly 1,500 faculty members. CUPL is well-known for its international exchange program with approximately 600 foreign students from 14 countries.

The law school

The China-EU School of Law at the China University of Political Science and Law ("CESL") opened its doors in 2009 and is the only law school to be approved by the Ministry of Education. The school is a joint project carried out by the Chinese government and and the European Union.

CESL has stated goals of creating lawyers and legal scholars who excel within the framework of Sino-European relations. It is integrated into one of the highest-ranking law universities in China, the China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL).

Lectures at the law school are led by numerous accomplished professors from various universities throughout Europe.

Tuition fees

The overall tuition fee for the LL.M. in European and International Law is approximately 60,000 RMB (or nearly 7,000 EUR). Students from mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan are granted a 50 percent fee waiver. The overall tuition fee for the “LL.M. of Chinese Law” is approximately 30,000 RMB (or just over 3,000 EUR). Various scholarships are available.

Entry Requirements

Applicants to both LLM programs must have obtained a law degree prior to enrollment. Prospective applicants must also be able to demonstrate proficiency in either English or Chinese, depending on which program they are applying for.

The Program

(1) Master of European and International Law (one year, in English)

This program combines European and international law with a special expertise in Chinese legal matters is rising and represents a unique opportunity to study within a specialised and challenging structure. Students are taught by one of the most international and renowned law faculties in the world, with professors selected from 15 European and Chinese partner universities.

Students are taught the principles, regulations and procedures of European and international law. All international students receive an introduction to the Chinese legal system and Chinese business law. The one-year program commences each year in September and ends the following August. All courses in the program are taught in English. The master's degree is awarded by the University of Hamburg.

(2) Master of Chinese Law (two years, in Chinese)

The Master of Chinese Law provides an overview of China's legal framework, including courses on China’s legal system and administrative procedure. Special emphasis is placed on Chinese corporate law. The Chinese-language Master requires 2 years, but only one year on campus in Beijing. The master's degree is awarded by CUPL.

Students can combine the Master of Chinese Law with the Master of European and International Law through a two-year Double Master Program.

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