University Of Cambridge, Cambridge CB2, UK

University of Cambridge

Cambridge University was formed in the early part of the 13th century and is the second oldest university in England (Oxford University is the oldest). It is regularly ranked among the top five universities in the world. Former students include 87 Nobel Laureates. Cambridge is a collegiate university, which means that it is comprised of independent colleges (there are 31 colleges). Each college consists of academics and students from a broad range of disciplines. All students are a member of one of Cambridge’s colleges while studying a course. Uniquely perhaps to Oxford and Cambridge Universities, teaching is normally conducted in small group tutorials ('supervision'), which students prepare for by writing an essay and discussing it during the tutorial. Cambridge University is located in the South-East of England, most colleges being situated in the City of Cambridge. The city is very student-orientated, with a vibrant student life and plenty of cultural and entertainment activities. It is also less than an hour to central London.