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Atlanta's John Marshall Law School

Located in one of America's most vibrant cities, Atlanta's John Marshall Law School is dedicated to providing a high quality legal education consistent with its original mission of providing non-traditional students access to a legal education. Consequently, the student population is not just ethnically diverse but diverse in life experiences and professional background. While this diversity enriches the academic environment, it challenges the institution to meet the educational needs of its students, many of whom are either returning to the rigors of an academic experience, or are simply seeking a supportive environment for the study of law.

Atlanta's John Marshall Law School meets this challenge by motivating students to develop intellectually and encouraging them to develop the practical skills necessary for the profession. At the same time, the school provides options that allow students to control the pace of learning. All of this takes place within an environment supportive of the dream of joining the noble profession of law.

Given that it is an independent law school, Atlanta's John Marshall is not affiliated with any undergraduate university.

The law school

Atlanta's John Marshall Law School was founded in 1933 as an independent, freestanding educational institution dedicated to providing a quality educational opportunity to non-traditional or adult learners, and to other significantly underserved segments of Georgia citizenry.

John Marshall was among the first of the Southern law schools to integrate its student body and women have been represented in the student body since the school's first graduating class. Since its founding, the school has continued to provide access to legal education to those who, for what ever reason, were unable to achieve their goal from other, more established institutions of legal education. Alumni of John Marshall now number in excess of 2,000 members and many have served with distinction as members of the judiciary, public and government officials.

A major renovation project at the school was recently completed providing new classrooms, a new trial courtroom and a new appellate courtroom, each equipped with audio - video capabilities, to provide facilities for the training of advocates. The library was also expanded to accommodate a growing collection.

Today, Atlanta's John Marshall Law School remains the sole surviving heir to Georgia's long tradition of law schools offering a part-time evening program designed to provide access to legal education to non-traditional students. As we move further into the 21st century, the law school has placed itself in a position to grow and develop into a major institution of legal education in the Southeast.

Tuition fees

Students enrolled in the Employment Law LL.M. will be part-time students at Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School and will be charged tuition on a per credit basis, not including fees.

Tuition for the 2011-2012 Academic Year: $1,128.00 Per Credit Hour

Entry Requirements

Candidates for the LL.M. in Employment Law must a have a law degree from an accredited institution and have an academic background reflecting an ability to perform graduate level work. The Director of the LL.M. program will review applications using criteria set by the Dean and by the Faculty Graduate Legal Education Committee. A candidate will be granted admission to the LL.M. program if his or her application reflects a high likelihood that the candidate will be successful in the program.

The Program

In today’s legal market, employment law specialists are called on to advise their clients on issues of increasing sophistication and impact. Emerging theories, new legislation, and the increasingly global marketplace, are only some of the challenges facing employment attorneys. Whether you are a new or experienced attorney, John Marshall's LL.M. in Employment Law program will help you meet the needs of your clients. The curriculum is in-depth, provides practical applications, and anticipates future developments in employment law.


The LL.M. in Employment Law will be delivered exclusively online so that busy practitioners can schedule their course work for the time most convenient for them. Using innovative distance learning technology, including the Moodle learning platform, professors will encourage a collaborative learning environment through use of group projects, discussion forums, real time chat, and student and faculty home pages and blogs. Professors may wish to schedule occasional live sessions when most or all of the students are available for synchronous audio/video discussions. However, these sessions will be archived for those who cannot participate or who wish to review them at another time.


The unique structure of the LL.M. program allows students to earn their degree without taking time away from work. Classes will be offered consecutively so that you take only one class at a time. In the first two semesters, students will complete four credits by taking two consecutive 2 credit courses. Over the final three semesters, students will complete four credits of course work per semester and will earn an additional four credits through the successful research, writing, and presentation of a thesis of publishable quality. The Academic Calendar is structured with your schedule in mind, offering breaks between semesters.

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