LLM Abroad

LLM Abroad

Getting an LLM Abroad

There are many benefits to pursuing an LLM abroad, for example, helping with a career change, building an international network, or gaining admission to the bar in the United States.
Today, employers need lawyers who have developed additional expertise and established a significant commitment to self-development. The globalization of the legal world and the need for international training has caused an increased demand for LLMs in recent years.

Change in Career

An LLM abroad offers the chance to change career focus. By choosing the right specialist program, lawyers can become specialized in a whole new area of law.
In addition, the more honed your skills are, the further employers will go to hire you. For example, most law schools in the US are able to market their law (JD) graduates only in the immediate area, yet employers from across the country recruit graduates of their LLM programs. Moreover, an LLM abroad may be one of the main factors in your ability to change employers. The international network you will acquire by obtaining an LLM is useful in this regard.

Acquiring a better global perspective

Escalating globalization means that lawyers cannot afford to view their clients’ or employers’ dealings from the viewpoint of just one legal system. LLM programs abroad offer the chance to learn the law, practices and institutions of other jurisdictions.
Throughout the world, legal systems share common characteristics yet differ considerably. An LLM abroad program drawing students from several countries and educated in a variety of legal systems will often provide the students with different perspectives thereby enhancing their global perspective.

For instance, an LL.M. degree from an ABA-approved law school allows a foreign lawyer to become eligible to apply for admission to the Bar (license to practice) in some US states, such as New York. Different states have special rules concerning admittance of foreign-educated lawyers to state bar associations.
Many of the advantages of obtaining an LLM abroad are indefinable. Whether you are looking for an academically demanding experience or looking to interact with faculty members and fellow students from different backgrounds who have common interests, getting an LLM degree invokes different feelings and reactions than of just having a bachelor’s degree, whatever your motivation.