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Expressions To Use During Negotiations

Making a proposal We suggest/propose… Our proposal is… What we’re looking for is… We would like to put this forward for your consideration. We’d like… Could you consider…?   Asking for clarification I’m not sure I follow you. Did you…

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Debtor-Creditor Law

Article: Debtor-creditor law A debtor is someone who owes a financial obligation (a “debt”) to another, known as the creditor. An example of a debtor-creditor relationship is where a bank lends money to an individual or company, on the basis…

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Negotiable Instruments

The law of negotiable instruments (also called commercial paper in the US) is an area of commercial and business law which sets out the general rules that relate to certain documents of payment. A negotiable instrument is a document which…

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Secured Transactions

Secured transactions are an essential part of commercial law and many everyday transactions as well. In a secured transaction a borrower agrees that the lender (the secured party) may take property (“collateral”) owned by the borrower should the borrower default…

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LETS – Frequently Asked Questions

Article: Frequently asked questions about the law and Legal EnglishAnswers to the questions our lawyer-linguists have received most often over the years. What are common law and equity?The term common law is confusing as it has a different meaning depending…

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Teacher Training Resources

These files are in Adobe Acrobat format. If you do not have Adobe Reader it can be downloaded from Adobe at www.adobe.com. ILEC Course Design Guidelines TLS_ LE_in Practice

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The Practice Of Law

Article: The practice of law/b> The practice of law is a wide and varied area of employment ranging from academic studies to lawyers working for law firms. Each country has different education systems, different requirements for certain types of work…

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Sale Of Goods

The following is a brief summary about the broad area of the law referred to as “sale of goods” designed to provide the Legal English teacher with information supplemental to that set forth in the International Legal English coursebook. Contracts…

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Every party who files a lawsuit seeks a remedy. As defined in Black’s Law Dictionary, a remedy is “the means by which a right is enforced or the violation of a right is prevented, redressed, or compensated.” The word “remedy”…

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Intellectual Property Law

Often known by the abbreviation “IP”, is an umbrella term referring to creations of the mind or intellect, e.g., inventions, literary and artistic works, and symbols, names, images, and designs used in commerce. Intellectual property is sometimes divided into two…

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