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Writing a memorandum for a client

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LAST EDITED: 4/29/16

RE: Due Diligence Request


In preparation for a potential transaction [DESCRIBE TRANSACTION] between _______________ and _______________ (the “Company”), we are commencing our due diligence investigation of the business of the Company and any subsidiaries of the Company (the “Subsidiaries”). Our investigation initially consists of a review of all material agreements and documents of the Company and the Subsidiaries.

If an item requested in Exhibit A is inapplicable or unavailable, please so indicate by notation on a copy of this due diligence memorandum and return that copy to us. Please furnish us with the information requested below, categorized by corporate entity (i.e. the Company and, if applicable, each of the Subsidiaries) and organized as set forth in this due diligence memorandum.

We understand the importance being placed by all parties on completing this transaction as soon as possible. Therefore, we would request that due diligence materials be sent to us as soon as possible. All information furnished to us pursuant to our due diligence request will be treated as confidential. If you have any questions concerning this due diligence memorandum, please call [NAME OF ATTORNEY] at [(404) _______].

We look forward to working with you on completing this transaction as soon as possible.

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