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Vocabulary check: a letter from Josh’s lawyer

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Dear Josh

I have now completed the administration of your mother’s estate. Although you will only inherit a relatively modest amount, this does unfortunately put you over the threshold for Legal Aid. This means that any costs incurred from this point onwards will not be met by the Legal Aid Board.

As we are so close to trial I do hope that you still feel able to continue with the case. I have taken the liberty of contacting a barrister colleague of mine, Horace McKern, who may be willing to represent you pro bono (free of charge). Mr McKern is already familiar with the case having earlier reviewed various documents related to this case, including your mother’s deposition. You will remember that your mother provided testimony under oath in the form of an affidavit during the early stages of discovery when it became clear she would not be able to attend the trial. I believe that the judge will find this evidence compelling. Although what we are arguing for would represent quite a major development, I do feel that recent case law suggests that the courts will look favourably on your case.

Mr McKern has already prepared a first set of written submissions (those prepared for the original trial date which had to be postponed). I attach these for your information and will contact you as soon as I hear from Mr Mckern.

Should Mr McKern be unavailable to represent you at court, you might wish to consider appearing as litigant in person. I would be pleased to assist you in preparing for the trial free of charge. You do have some experience of court work yourself following your work with the university Law Clinic, and I am sure that you possess the skills necessary to be able to bring this case to a conclusion.

With kind regards

Chris Wheatley

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