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Vocabulary check: a letter from a lawyer to an opposing party

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Your reference
Our reference HW/POW1

12 June 2007

Cotton Solutions Ltd
Suffolk Road

Dear Sirs

Supply of fabrics to Cotton Solutions

We refer to previous correspondence from our client, Mr Clive Powell of Powell Fashions, and confirm that our client has instructed us to commence proceedings for rescission of contract and consequent damages following your failure to supply the fabrics due to Powell Fashions in accordance with the terms of your contract of 3 April 2007, a copy of which we enclose for your reference.

We write to advise that our client has authorized us to seek judgment under s. 6 (vi) of the enclosed contract in respect of all damages resulting from your failure to comply with the contract terms should you fail to supply the fabric within the next 10 days.

We look forward to hearing from you or from solicitors appointed to act on your behalf.

Yours faithfully

Hannah Webster


1. Contract of 3 April 2007

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