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The next step in the process, brainstorming

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The second step in the writing process is called brainstorming. This means that you collect information about your specific topic and develop ideas.

There are three forms of brainstorming. Each helps to find a specific focus for your topic. Any of the three forms are acceptable to use.

Brainstorming method 1

The first method is called freewriting. In this form you write as much as you can about the topic until you run out of ideas. When using the freewriting method, do not worry about spelling or grammar. For example:

Share Purchase Agreements are a kind of agreement.. there are shareholders, sellers and buyers. They have to agree on a price and give representations and warranties. Beneficial owners …is there indemnification? When is the closing date? Where do notices go to? Need to include governing law….

Brainstorming method 2

The second kind of brainstorming is listing. Here, you write down key words and expressions that come to mind about your topic. Again, don’t worry about spelling and grammar. For example:

Share Purchase Agreements
price of shares
beneficial owners
closing date
governing law
permission of corporation

When using the listing method, place the words into categories and delete any duplicates once you have made your initial list.

Group 1: Clauses Group 2: Parties Group 3: Miscellaneous
indemnification corporations beneficial owners
closing date shareholders witnesses to agreement
representations seller
warranties buyer
governing law


Brainstorming method 3

The third kind of brainstorming is the mind map. Here, you write your main topic in the center of the paper and write (or cluster) similar ideas around the central theme. For example:

warranties corporation notices
buyer share purchase agreements shareholders seller
beneficial owners governing law
witnesses closing



Using either freewriting, listing or a mind map, complete the brainstorming for the specific topic you selected in the previous real property law task. Keep this brainstorming safe as you will need it for the next task.

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