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Synonyms in the context of a bankruptcy case

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Choose the term or phrase that can replace the underlined word(s).


1. When a case under Chapter 13 of the Bankruptcy Code is changed to a case under another chapter of the code, the ‘estate’ consists of what remains in the debtor’s possession on the date of the change. {1:MULTICHOICE:meeting of creditors~=conversion~adversary proceeding~relief from stay~proof of claim}

2. The action brought as part of the bankruptcy proceeding itself to recover money or property from a debtor is the suit brought by a creditor. {1:MULTICHOICE:meeting of creditors~conversion~=adversary proceeding~relief from stay~proof of claim}

3. A creditor generally only has an allowed claim if it files a written statement documenting a debt with the bankruptcy court. {1:MULTICHOICE:meeting of creditors~conversion~adversary proceeding~relief from stay~=proof of claim}

4. In order for personal property, such as a house or a car, to remain part of the bankruptcy estate, the debtor must file a statement of intention to redeem, reaffirm or surrender personal property collateral within thirty days of the date of the 341 meeting. {1:MULTICHOICE:=meeting of creditors~conversion~adversary proceeding~relief from stay~proof of claim}

5. The bank may be granted permission to proceed against the debtor in order to evict the debtor from a residence upon which the bank has previously foreclosed. {1:MULTICHOICE:meeting of creditors~conversion~adversary proceeding~=relief from stay~proof of claim}

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